What is C-Date?

C-Date is the top destination for sophisticated singles (and non-singles!) seeking casual adventures. Since its establishment in 2008, approximately 42,000,000 members have registered worldwide, with 1,050,000 members alone originating from Australia! Why is this service so popular for casual dates? Because the motto is:

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Before 2008, there were already erotic platforms, but they had a slightly dubious reputation and were not very inviting for women. The creators of C-Date emphasized high standards from the beginning and built a casual dating site that catered to women's preferences. The result was an incredibly high proportion of women, which in turn attracted male users. 

C-Date is now available worldwide, and it has been particularly well-received by the Irish population to arrange discreet online dates

Who are the C-Date members?

C-Date subscribers include women, men, and couples seeking casual adventures. They are looking for affairs or threesomes, in the case of couple members.

The average C-Date user is around 35 years old, open-minded, and always ready for an exciting date. Anyone over 18 can join C-Date.

C-Date has members of all age groups, with 70% of them being in a relationship.

What sets C-Date apart from the competition?

To put it simply: men love C-Date because women love C-Date. C-Date boasts an impressive proportion of women, making it highly attractive to men.

What women appreciate about C-Date:

  • Pleasant dating atmosphere
  • Emphasis on discretion
  • Women can use C-Date for free
  • Respectful interaction among members
  • Men can rejoice because, as experience shows, women usually don't hesitate. Emails are usually answered promptly, and nothing stands in the way of a hot meeting. After all, C-Date users have a specific reason for joining...

    That's why C-Date has the highest success rate: 63% of men have dates. No other platform of this kind can boast such numbers.

  • Everyone receives selected contact suggestions based on their preferences.
  • The higher prices for men help maintain the quality level.
  • This means there is less competition among men for women's attention.
  • The costs for men on C-Date are relatively high, but the advantage is that when you pay, you face less competition!

    Is C-Date trustworthy? Are there fake profiles or real singles?

    C-Date itself does not operate with professional fakes. With a substantial number of members, they don't need fakes to populate their database.

    However, are C-Date members protected from other fakes?

    Definitely! All photos are manually verified. If a profile is identified as fake, it is immediately deleted. C-Date members can report suspicious profiles to customer service at any time, which triggers a verification process and appropriate action.

    The assistance of members in uncovering fake profiles is of enormous importance to C-Date. Often, women from the adult industry attempt to use the platform to offer their services, which has no place in the C-Date community. C-Date aims to connect singles with similar preferences and is not a marketplace for dubious services.

    Our anti-fake rule: Overly professional photos often indicate professional intentions. If you are presented with a link to another website, it's best to politely decline!

    C-Date offers men the highest chances of spontaneous dates. However, it is essential to be kind to the ladies, otherwise, it won't work out with the adventures.

    How C-Date works

    How does registration work on C-Date?

    During the registration process, you only need to answer a few questions:

  • What are you looking for exactly? Affair, friends with benefits, one-night stand, etc.
  • Who are you looking for? Woman, man, or couple
  • How old are you? Your actual age, not your desired age
  • How do you look? Describe your appearance
  • Where do you live? Region and city
  • Afterwards, you enter your email address and create a password. Click on the link you receive via email, and you're registered.

    The C-Date principle

    Similar to some matchmaking services, C-Date also relies on matching. Based on the data you provide, the C-Date algorithm will present you with suitable contact suggestions. This way, you get the exact type of contact you desire. Because C-Date stands for Compatibility Date.

    That's why it is highly recommended to invest some time in completing your dating profile.

    You can select three characteristics that define yourself and mention three things you like about your own body.

    If you wish, you can also answer questions about general or erotic topics. This helps other members better understand you.

    C-Date does not provide fields for personal texts.

    The most important feature is the "My Type" section.

    C-Date My type

    You first select your preferences among "classic, romantic, adventurous, wild, or everything".

    Depending on your selection, up to 84 different photo tiles will be available to you. Choose five that match your personality and sexual preferences.

    Based on this selection, the algorithm calculates your erotic type. 

    Our tip: Try changing your erotic type. You will see that the system will present you with many new contacts.

    Want to search for matches yourself?

    No problem with C-Date!

    Here are the available options:

  • Browse the "Online Now" list and message the people who interest you.
  • Maybe you'll find a potential candidate in the "My Visitors" list.
  • Note: Only C-Date Premium members have their visitors permanently saved. Basic members need to act quickly because their visitors disappear after 24 hours!

    Remaining anonymous

    C-Date members appreciate the discreet atmosphere of this platform. You have the option to search for exciting dates completely anonymously and discreetly. Personal data is not disclosed, and photos are only visible after approval.

    This ensures that you don't come across a familiar face while browsing.

    Advantages & disadvantages

    • Largest provider for intimate meetings
    • Highest success rate: 63% of men have dates
    • Discrete mediation
    • 10 contacts guaranteed
    • High level
    • Free app and verified profiles
    • High female quota
    • No matter what country you are in, you can search for quick dates
    • Members highly willing to engage in casual dates
    • No free search for members
    • Many photos only available for Premium members

    Who is C-Date suitable for?

    In any case, C-Date is suitable for you if you are looking for discreet casual dates, affairs, or adventures. Since even individuals in relationships are seeking erotic partners, discretion and anonymity are a must. You can absolutely rely on that with C-Date. 

    Good for your purpose? Good for your age group?
    Life partner
    Flirt & Date
    Intimate encounters
    18-25 years
    25-50 years
    Over 50 years

    You are in the right place with C-Date if you

  • Are under 65.
  • Seek exciting erotic dates with like-minded individuals from Ireland.
  • Behave in a sophisticated manner.
  • Have no issue with being suggested attached sexual partners.
  • C-Date is less suitable for you if you

  • Tend to be more of the Tinder type and prefer browsing through photos
  • Do not place as much value on sophisticated interaction.
  • Are a hardcore fetishist or swinger.
  • Are seeking a lifelong partner.
  • With C-Date, you will undoubtedly find the erotic adventure you are seeking. You will receive contact suggestions that match your sexual preferences. 

    The sophisticated C-Date system ensures that 63% of paying members already get exactly what they desire at the first meeting: a hot date without obligations!

    C-Date Experiences & Rating

    Sufficient members?
    Profile quality:
    Flirt-Action: 3-5
    Arrange real dates:
    Customer support:

    C-Date in Practice

    Your C-Date profile

    This is how your C-Date profile could look:

    inside C-Date reviewC-Date

    Your C-Date profile picture

    We highly recommend that you make full use of the maximum of five pictures on C-Date. Additionally, we advise you to:

    • Choose a friendly picture of yourself. A smile is appealing.
    • Ensure that your face is clearly visible. 
    • Pay attention to the background. A neutral background reveals less about your surroundings.
    • Avoid revealing photos, as it is still too early for that.

    We appreciate that you can decide whether to unlock your pictures for everyone or not. Perhaps you prefer to start with pixelated images and only release them to selected contacts.

    Our tip: With casual dating, a picture is essential. Follow the lead of half of all users and upload photos!

    C-Date Photo

    Initiating Contact

    You have received an exciting contact suggestion or found someone in the "My matches" list who interests you.

    C-Date Contact

    A tip in advance: Please don't overthink it.

    If you are really shy, you can take advantage of the following options, which require just one click:

    • Like the profile with the "thumbs up" symbol
    • hare my photos with...
    • Add to my favorites

    If you are a bit more courageous, then simply

    • Write a message

    Our tip to gentlemen: Women love poets. Take the plunge and compose your own messages. They don't have to be perfect, but the ladies will appreciate it if they don't receive a standard text.

    Offer your photo to many women. Ideally, with a short friendly text: "Hi, I'm Markus and I like your profile. You can already see my photos. Would you be interested in sharing yours with me?"

    How to approach women on C-Date

    As an attentive reader, you already know that women can date for free on C-Date. 

    Unfortunately, from the point where things get interesting, men have to pay. Although more men than women register, only a fraction of men remains in the premium section. It's no wonder as the somewhat high price often deters many. 

    As a result, there are slightly more women flirting on C-Date Premium than men. Finally, MEN have a realistic chance to get their opportunity. 

    Please keep in mind:

    • Your messages should ideally have no spelling mistakes.
    • A bit of humor never hurts.
    • Casual daters also want to be conquered.

    Your chances of receiving a quick response are high if:

    • Your message strikes the right tone.
    • You ask open-ended questions that SHE can answer in detail.
    • You reference the indicated preferences.

    C-Date fully supports its matchmaking principle. If you don't have any contacts, your subscription will be extended for free<.

    If you find a C-Date member interesting but their photo is still blurred, simply write to them and ask for the photo to be released. Contact is established just like that. If you find your match visually appealing, take the next step.

    The C-Date App for flirting on the go

    Download the C-Date app for free from the Apple App Store or iTunes for iOS, or from the Google Play Store for Android.

    • Nearby search
    • Your contact suggestions
    • Messages in your inbox
    • Visitors to your profile

    Push notifications will inform you about new visitors and messages. You receive new contact suggestions every 24 hours.

    Our tip: Always sign up for premium memberships on the desktop. The prices there are much more affordable than in the app.

    Our tip: Keep in mind that someone might see the C-Date app or push notifications on your smartphone. If that could cause trouble, it's better to use the mobile website.

    The mobile C-Date website

    As an alternative to the app, the mobile C-Date website can be easily used on the go. In our opinion, it is just as effective as the app.

    You can see all current contact suggestions at a glance and enjoy unrestricted access to all other function.

    A clear advantage over the app is in terms of discretion. There are no push notifications that could put you in an awkward situation.

    Conclusion: The C-Date website works optimally on mobile devices.

    Cool additional features on C-Date

    We particularly like these features::

    • Hot-or-Not: You are presented with 50 profiles daily, and you decide, similar to Tinder, who you like and who you don't.
    • Who's Online List: Men and women who are currently active and ready for live chat.
    • Overview of sexual preferences: What HE or SHE likes - special locations, sex toys, etc.
    • Overview of all chats: You can participate in multiple conversations.
    • The first step: Send a challenging question to selected members.
    • C-Date The first step

    C-Date Experiences Australia

    C-Date is THE casual dating site and is praised by experts and paying members alike. The main argument in favor of C-Date is the sophisticated interaction among its members. 

    Experiences pro C-Date 

    • The majority of members are completely satisfied with the erotic contacts they find on C-Date.
    • Good contact suggestions make it easy for users to quickly arrange dates and put their plans into action.
    • Many users appreciate the simplicity of the registration process and the user-friendly website.
    • The provider can guarantee the highest level of discretion and anonymity.
    • C-Date members have mentioned positively that by changing search criteria, they constantly receive new date suggestions.. 

    Experiences con C-Date

    • C-Date is not suitable for those on a tight budget.  
    • Occasionally, fake profiles still appear on the site that the customer service has not detected.
    • According to many C-Date users, the cancellation notice period is quite long. Therefore, we recommend submitting the cancellation at the same time as subscribing to the membership.n.

    What’s Free at C-Date?

    • Create a profile
    • Personality test
    • Search on your own (limited)
    • Receive suggestions
    • View photos (limited)
    • Send a “hello”
    • Send mails
    • Read mails

    C-Date Costs & Prices 2024

    The following prices are available at C-Date:

    DurationCost per monthIn total
    3 months
    Premium Start
    6 months
    Premium Classic
    12 months
    Premium Relax
    C-Date Prices

    Please note:
    You’ll sometimes get great special offers when you wait a few days to pay! Then order right now!

    C-Date Alternatives

    C-Date Australia Tests Result

    C-Date Australia performed exceptionally well in our test, impressing both our testers and members. The site is elegantly designed compared to its competitors and promises style and sophistication.   

    C-Date Facts and figures 2024
    Active members1,050,000
    Male to female ratio54 : 46
    Average age36
    Membership levelquite high
    Intentioncasual dating
    Chances for successvery good
    Starting priceEUR 19.90
    Addressbe2 S.à.r.l., 13 rue du Commerce, L1351-Luxemburg

    Discretion and anonymity are highly valued by the casual dating provider C-Date. As the only platform for non-committal erotic adventures, C-Date even offers its users a contact guarantee.

    C-Date has passed our test with flying colors. Our top recommendation for discreet encounters is still C-Date Australia!  

    FAQ C-Date Australia

    Although we have made every effort to cover all the topics relating to C-Date, you may still have questions.

    Here are our questions and answers about C-Date.com.au:

    How is C-Date paid?

    C-Date accepts all common payment methods such as SEPA direct debit, PayPal and credit card.

    Where can I find my C-Date contact ID?

    You can find the C-Date contact ID in your contract documents or in the profile settings of your user account.

    Why can't I see any pictures on C-Date?

    Discretion is of utmost importance at C-Date. Therefore, pictures are only clearly visible to premium users.

    Who can see my profile picture on C-Date?

    It's up to you! By default, your photo is not visible to anyone. However, you can change this setting in "My profile" to remove your anonymity for specific contact suggestions.

    How can I block a C-Date user?

    To block a C-Date user, go to their profile, click on "Report profile," and provide a reason for reporting to customer service. They will ensure that the reported user cannot view your profile or send you messages in the future.

    Can I rewoke my C-Date membership?

    Absolutely. You have the right to withdraw from your contract within 14 days of signing it, without any reason. Simply send a short letter or email, and the membership fee for the Premium Membership will be refunded to you.

    Can I cancel C-Date at any time?

    You can cancel your C-Date membership at any time, starting from 14 days after you join. Please note the cancellation period. For your convenience, we recommend sending the cancellation immediately upon subscribing.

    How do I cancel C-Date?

    Visit your C-Date profile and download the form provided under "Settings" > "Your membership" > "Change." Complete the form and send it to C-Date.

    How can I delete my C-Date account?

    To delete your C-Date account, go to your profile, navigate to "Settings" > "Your membership" > "Change," and select the option to "Delete profile."

    Is C-Date automatically renewed?

    C-Date memberships are subscriptions. If you do not cancel, they will be automatically extended for the corresponding term. For example, if you have a 6-month subscription and do not cancel, it will be renewed for another 6 months.

    Petra Frömsdorf
    Petra Frömsdorf
    Petra has been monitoring the Australian world of online dating sites since 2011. In the media it is considered the leading expert on the topic of "C-Date review".