How many singles from Australia take part in online-dating?

Here is a sense of its scale:

  • Australia has about 24.5 million inhabitants.
  • 18% are singles between the ages of 18 and 65 (4,600,000).
  • 40% take part in online-dating regulary (1,900,000).

In addition, there are around 650,000 people who take part in online-dating, even though they are not single at all…

How many online-dating sites are there in Australia?

Oh, there are several hundred, but most…

  • Are too small
  • They want to rip you off
  • Have a massive excess of men

This leaves around 30 good dating sites of which half are only intended for certain target groups, for example, homosexuals or disabled singles.

You will find the large and really good dating sites on the homepage!

How many online-daters actually fall in love?

There are many different studies that all arrive at a similar conclusion:

  • Around 50% of those who want dates manage to arrange them.
  • Around 25% fall in love

Many, however, don’t actually want to fall in love, only to have some fun…

Incidentally, the big losers in online-dating are men from the working classes, who have little to offer women.

Is online-dating risky?

Yes, your smart phone could get hot and explode ;-)

Seriously: If you bear a few safety rules in mind, nothing can actually happen:

  • Do not go to stranger’s flats!
  • Do not transfer money to anyone on the internet!

Actually ;-)

There is still the risk of paying a lot of money to a bad dating site. In order to avoid that, you should use the large, reputable dating portals that we recommend on the homepage.

Are there many fakes among the dating sites?

Yes, a great deal! We differentiate between them:

  • Fakes that set up a dating site themselves to appear bigger.
  • Fakes from third parties who promote their services on a dating site.

Dating sites with many fakes fail our test. We will not show them to you at all.

Our test winner dating sites are so great that you won’t have to deal with fakes.

What risks do women face in online-dating?

Here are some statistics:

  • 50% of women are disrespected: "look, see what my best piece looks like…"
  • 10% of women have been insulted: "Why have you not replied, you hideous cow?"
  • Less than 100 a year are hurt.
  • Less than 10 a year are killed.

So, because of these rude men, you’ll need a thick skin.

And when you meet up with a man, make sure it’s in a neutral location! If the guy is odd, then scarper quickly!

What risks do men face in online-dating?

Unlike women, men are neither insulted nor killed.

The greatest risk for men is spending a heap of money on a dating site, on which there are no genuine women at all. Just fakes.

And some men are as stupid as to appear naked in a webcam chat in front of an unknown beauty. This will be recorded and subsequently used to blackmail these men.

How can I find a suitable dating site?

Voila, here is your perfect plan:p>

  1. Look in our test review for suitable dating sites.
  2. Register on 2-4. It only takes a few minutes and is completely free of charge.
  3. Keep an eye on the type of singles registered. And who has already sent you an email?
  4. Wait a few days, and then pay on your favourite dating site to be able to communicate with suitable singles.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

A free flirt-app or a premium online dating site?

The statistics show that around 50% of singles manage to arrange real dates. Whether they use an expensive dating site or a free flirt-app!

But who do you meet?

The more expensive …

  • the more sophisticated and high-class are the singles that you will meet
  • the more serious is the interest in a stable relationship

For this reason, we recommend that you try a high-priced dating site if you are older than 25 and want to fall in love.

Young people who just want to let off a bit of steam can use really good, free flirt-apps.

Are large dating sites better?

Well, that depends! The larger, the more…

  • Singles to choose from
  • New, exciting members every day
  • Competition against which you have to prevail

Competition applies especially in the market place for singles where everyone can see and write to everyone.

Size, on the other hand, is always an advantage in dating agencies because the matchmaking algorithm can suggest suitable candidates to you with greater accuracy.

The online market place or an online dating agency?

The difference is huge, but most singles are completely unaware of that.

Now is the right time to learn about it:

On a singles market place everyone is allowed to look at all the other singles. With a search function, you can look around quite easily for suitable singles – for example, "Show me a red-haired non-smoker without a paunch, but with a desire to have children!"

The disadvantage is that pretty women get 12.000 emails a day, while the not so pretty men receive 0.5 replies to 100 emails…

For an online-dating agency, you first carry out a psychological test ("Someone with a paunch or the cerebral type?" - "Miserly or extravagant?") and afterwards all singles are divided into blocks. In your block you are only surrounded by well-suited singles.

This is clearly discrete and target-orientated!

Should I upload a photo?

Yes, because you will have about 8 times more chances of flirting.

If you would rather remain anonymous, you can…

  • Use a dating site where not all singles can see your photo, only those who unlock you.
  • Create a profile without a photo and only send it when you write someone an email.
  • Use a photo in which they cannot properly recognise you.

It is quite rare these days that two singles arrange a date without knowing what the other person looks like.

Do I need a good profile text?

Yes, definitely!

What does a single person do whose attention you have attracted (because he found your photo nice or because you wrote to him)? He reads through your profile!

Invest time & effort in a good profile. There are 1.000 guides on the internet, if nothing comes to mind.

Should I, as a woman, write to a man?

Yes, of course, we live in the 21st century. The woman may take the initiative.

Can all dating sites be tried out free of charge?

Yes, that’s always possible! You can register free of charge, anywhere, and see who from your area is taking part and who contacts you. It’s only when you want to write emails that you have to pay.

It’s better than the disco: There you have to pay to get in, before you can even see who is on the dance floor!

What is it we have to pay for on dating sites?

It is so that you can communicate with other members, as well as read and write emails.

The majority of dating sites sell flat-rates, for example, a 6 month subscription. With some you have to pay for every single transaction with coins.

How much do good dating sites cost?

The following rule of thumb applies worldwide as to how much you need to invest every month:

  • Reputable dating sites: approximately 1% of the average monthly income.
  • Premium dating sites: approximately 2%.

It sounds expensive, but it is really cheap for women who may find a lifelong provider.

And it can be expensive for men who may find a wife who then spends 50% of the monthly income shopping…

Is my personal data safe?

To be honest: NO!

Professional dating sites go to great efforts and are legally obliged to protect your data, but hacker attacks happen time and again.

What could a nasty person find out when he steals your dating site data?

  • Your email address and favourite password
  • Your credit card details (or the like)

However, you have probably already entered this data at 100 other internet firms. And they could also get hacked…

How can you delete your profile?

In the member’s area you will find a button “Terminate my membership”.

If, for any reason, you cannot find the button, then delete your photo and override all your data with “abc” and “123”. Your profile is then unusable.

Why does my dating site continue to charge money?

Because all dating sites sell you subscriptions. It is just like an insurance policy or a newspaper subscription.

These subscriptions renew automatically. Again and again and again. Unless you cancel. Or you die.

That’s why you should send your cancellation at the time of order, and then you won’t forget about it later on!

How can I cancel my dating site membership?

That used to be really difficult. But fortunately in 2024 this is legally regulated for all internet firms:

  • In the member’s area under “My Membership”
  • By email
  • By fax
  • By letter

You have the choice. And cancel straight after your order! Then you won’t forget in 3, 6 or 12 months.

Petra Frömsdorf
Petra Frömsdorf
Petra has been monitoring the Australian world of online dating sites since 2011. In the media it is considered the leading expert on the topic of "online dating".

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