What is EliteSingles?

Anyone specifically seeking a stable relationship will definitely know the dating site „EliteSingles“.

EliteSingles launched its activities in Germany at the beginning of 2009 under the name "eDarling" and expanded to Europe six months later.  This dating site is all about:

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Serious online dating!

It is precisely in Australia where EliteSingles can count on a strong member base. This explains why more than 700,000 users are active on EliteSingles.com.au!

The success of EliteSingles in figures

EliteSingles has become a key player in the dating industry. A very high advertising budget for TV commercials means that singles looking for a partner know about EliteSingles at least through advertising.

Here are some figures about EliteSingles:

  • 46% of EliteSingles members have dates.
  • 21% fall in love.

The EliteSingles principle

The centrepiece of EliteSingles.ie is sophisticated matchmaking. Each new customer takes a personality test developed by scientists. Cooperation between universities such as Berlin's Humboldt University in Germany and the University of Groningen in the Netherlands has resulted in what is probably the most comprehensive test of any dating sites.

This scientifically based test takes between 25 and 45 minutes. This is enough time to answer a catalogue of more than 100 questions. The answers to the test are used to draw up a personality profile, which ultimately serves as the basis for determining which partners to propose.

The personality test assesses what are known as the "Big 5", the 5 most important criteria in couple psychology.

These are: 

  • Consciousness (controlled or flexible)
  • Openness to Experience (experimental or down-to-earth)
  • Extraversion (extroverted or introverted)
  • Agreeableness (participative or distant)
  • Neuroticism (sensitive or posed)

Our tip: Even as a basic member, you get an overview of your personality structure, determined based on the test. If you're a Premium member, you can even download a PDF on the subject. The result of the test will reveal a lot of things about your personality and help you not only in finding a partner, but also in other areas of life. 

Is EliteSingles serious? Fake profiles or reale singles?

At EliteSingles, every new registration is manually checked. Scammers and unserious profiles are immediately eliminated. We believe that EliteSingles is definitely trustworthy. 

Our tip: We are all only human and even during a manual check, something can go unnoticed. So, if a profile looks suspicious, please contact EliteSingles' friendly customer service team and report it. EliteSingles will be grateful! 

EliteSingles is a great chance for all singles searching the love of their lives. Studies showed: EliteSingles is responsible for ever 15th marriage in Australia today.

How EliteSingles works

Registration with EliteSingles

Registering with EliteSingles.com.au is very simple. All you must do is enter your e-mail address and password. Then you can go straight to the personality quiz.

EliteSingles personality test

The scientifically based EliteSingles personality test is by far the most comprehensive and time-consuming test of all the dating sites. It takes between 25 and 45 minutes to answer over 100 questions. The questions focus on your character traits or hobbies. The answers provide a truly complete and relevant personality profile.

Here are some of the questions you will be asked during the quiz:

  • If your partner shows up 15 minutes late to your date without telling you, how do you respond?
  • I consider myself to be optimistic. 7 answer options from “doesn’t apply at all” to “completely applicable".
  • When you like someone, how likely are you to initiate the first kiss?
  • How satisfied are you with your appearance?
  • If you have an argument with your partner, how important is it to reconcile quickly?
  • Which picture do you most associate with?
EliteSingles personality quiz
  • How much of your weekly time would you like to share with your partner?
EliteSingles personality quiz 2

Our tip: You should take the time to take the EliteSingles personality test and answer the questions carefully. The more specific your answers, the better the partner proposals generated by the system and the greater your chances of success. 

The test result

You can now look forward to the evaluation of your EliteSingles personality test. Many EliteSingles members find it extremely useful to know more about themselves:

  • What are my expectations, wishes and ideas for a new partner?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • My personal gos and no-gos
  • How can I recognise old patterns of behaviour that I don't want to repeat in a new relationship?

Even EliteSingles basic members can view a preview of their personality profile. Premium members can even download their personality profile in PDF format. 

EliteSingles matching - The formula for love

The EliteSingles matching algorithm calculates, from the result of the personality test and the basic data you have entered, which singles in the EliteSingles database could be suitable for you. From the large number of singles, they filter out exactly those who have the potential for a happy relationship with you.

As soon as you register for the first time, you will receive 5 to 7 selected contact proposals.

EliteSingles matches

We have found that EliteSingles members receive fewer contact proposals than with other dating sites. But according to EliteSingles, the effect of the strict filters is to make contacts much more intense. In other words, you don't have to kiss as many frogs to find Prince Charming.

Advantages & disadvantages

  • Large online matchmaker
  • Extremely sophisticated membership
  • An equal amount of men and women
  • Discreet & anonymous
  • Guaranteed contacts
  • High expenditure
  • Not so good for singles under the age of 25
  • You only see your contact suggestions

Who is EliteSingles suitable for?

EliteSingles is a serious dating site in Australia. However, this provider is not the right choice for everyone. That's why we've put together some useful member information. That way, you should be able to work out quickly whether you'll feel at home in the EliteSingles community.

What are EliteSingles members looking for?

EliteSingles.com.au is clearly aimed at singles who are serious about finding a life partner. Those who just want to flirt a little don't pay the entry fee, nor do they have to go through the lengthy personality quiz.

This means that the singles you meet on EliteSingles are pre-screened, so to speak - there are very few singles with dubious intentions.

Some men still use EliteSingles as a place to flirt. They pretend to be looking for true love but are in fact just looking for a quick fling. Our advice to men: it's better to be honest and look for flirts on a flirting site! It wouldn't be fair to hurt someone's feelings. If they both want the same thing, of course everything's perfect!

Good for your purpose? Good for your age group?
Life partner
Flirt & Date
Intimate encounters
18-25 years
25-50 years
Over 50 years

Age structure of the members

As with all Australian dating sites, there is a slight surplus of women. This surplus of women increases with age.

The average age of EliteSingles is 43 for women and 41 for men. All singles over the age of 18 are welcome on EliteSingles.

EliteSingles' main customer base (around 80%) is between 26 and 55.

There are relatively few men under 25 on EliteSingles. It's more likely to find young ladies there who are looking for an experienced man. For older singles, the situation is rather pleasing, as there are many members in their fifties and sixties.

Level of education of the members

Compared to most other dating sites, the level of education of EliteSingles members is significantly higher. According to the provider, more than 90% of them hold an above-average education.

EliteSingles Experiences & Rating

Sufficient members?
Profile quality:
Arrange real dates:
Customer support:

EliteSingles in Practice

Let's assume that you have already registered with EliteSingles. You will then see on your screen:

inside EliteSingles reviewEliteSingles

Your EliteSingles profil

Singles who are interested in you can view the following information in your profile: 

  • Your photo
  • Your personality based on the personality quiz
  • Important information about you (age, profession, religion, height, desire for children ...)
  • Dating: In a relationship I am looking for: ...
  • Hobbies and interests, "How I like to spend my free time...", "My sports ...", 
  • About you: How you describe yourself
  • What three things are you most thankful for?

We have noticed that the profiles are very detailed and that it is also possible to consult the personality profiles of other members. The characteristics of the Big 5 personality model, namely conscientiousness, Agreeableness, openness to experience, extraversion and neuroticism (control of emotions), provide information about how a person functions. You can consult the personality profiles of other EliteSingles members at your leisure and see who you find trustworthy and likeable.

EliteSingles match

Our practical tip: EliteSingles offers you many more free text fields than other dating platforms. This allows you to be creative and attract the attention of other members with well-written lines. 

It's all a question of settings! In your profile, under the "Membership" heading, you will find the "Notifications" heading. You can see that the default settings allow you to be informed by e-mail of almost every action that takes place on your EliteSingles profile. Some people find this great and look forward to every email, others may be embarrassed by it. That's why we recommend setting up notifications from the start so that you're comfortable with them. 

Before getting in touch

Once you have completed the personality test, you will immediately receive a list of suggested individual partners.

The matching score at the top left of the profile picture shows how well you match with the partner suggestion. 

EliteSingles matching score

To ensure that you don't receive too few contact proposals, you need to make sure that your filter criteria are not too narrowly defined. In practical terms, this means that if you are looking for someone in the immediate vicinity, choose a slightly wider radius. This way, out-of-town members have more chances of being matched. 

Our practical tip: Get out of your comfort zone! It's precisely as we get older that our willingness to compromise diminishes significantly. We have too precise an idea of what we want and especially of what we don't want. Loose your filtering criteria a little bit and just see what happens. Often the small differences are the spice in the soup of common ground. 

EliteSingles search criteria

How to get in touch

Send a smile

For many members, it's the first step in getting to know each other. Not very creative but it can nevertheless already forge a tenuous first bond. EliteSingles basic members can only send one free smile.

Send a photo request

Very popular with members of dating sites. Used to break the ice.

Writing messages

Unfortunately, only EliteSingles Premium members can send messages.

The "Have you met?” function

This feature allows you to 'like' photos and comment on features or hobbies. EliteSingles members receive up to 20 additional random contacts every day. In a similar way to Tinder, they can like profiles with a smiley face or make them disappear with an x.

EliteSingles have you met?

The EliteSingles app for mobile flirting on the move

EliteSingles also offers its members an application that can be downloaded free of charge for iPhone and Android devices from the relevant stores.

This means you're independent and don't miss out on any activity on your dating profile, even when you're on the move. 

On your smartphone you can

  • receive, read and reply to messages
  • consult partner proposals and profils
  • manage your profile and upload photos
  • like interesting profiles
  • see who has viewed your profile
  • modify search criteria
  • receive push messages informing you of a message or a "like"
  • Our tip:
    Register preferably on your computer and take the personality test at your leisure. Your success in finding a partner depends on this test. That's why we strongly recommend that you don't download the application onto your smartphone until afterwards. 

    Special features of EliteSingles

    The following features attracted the attention of our editorial team:


    EliteSingles operators make it a point of honour to ensure that there are no fake profiles that they manage themselves. Fairness and transparency are the watchwords at EliteSingles.

    Code of conduct

    You can find these general guidelines and netiquette in the section EliteSingles help. Here, all the rules of behaviour that EliteSingles has set for the platform can been found.

    EliteSingles managers are very committed to good manners. This is why they apply very strict standards in the following areas:

    User name, profile photos, personal description, messaging other members, written tone and more.

    We think it can't hurt to read through this etiquette guide once in a while.


    EliteSingles offers a very comprehensive guide on its platform. In this magazine you will find many articles and studies worth reading as well as good tips and advice on the topics of

    • Online Dating
    • Dating in Ireland 
    • From single to couple

    Great customer service

    A big well done to the helpful staff who supported us quickly and competently.

    EliteSingles Experiences

    We think EliteSingles is a good dating site. EliteSingles members see it the same way.

    Experiences Pro EliteSingles 

    • EliteSingles offers by far the most sophisticated and detailed personality test.
    • The personality test is so intelligent that the system's contact suggestions match up very well.
    • Female singles in particular find EliteSingles very good and regularly give the site high ratings.
    • The "Have you met?" section is a great idea.

    Experiences Con EliteSingles

    Unfortunately, we've found a few things that could speak against EliteSingles:

    • The EliteSingles personality test is the best we know. Unfortunately, it also requires a lot of patience. For many singles, the test takes too long, and they give up in exasperation.
    • There are now more modern sites. 

    What’s Free at EliteSingles?

    • Create a profile
    • Personality test
    • Search on your own
    • Receive suggestions
    • View photos (limited)
    • Send a “hello”
    • Send mails (limited)
    • Read mails

    EliteSingles Costs & Prices 2024

    Here are the current prices for EliteSingles Premium memberships in Australia (standard rates):

    DurationCost per monthIn total
    3 months
    6 months
    12 months

    Expensive? Yes, that’s the strategy that makes your chances so high:

    • The high entry fee separates the wheat from the chaff.
    • That’s why you will meet sophisticated singles who are seriously looking for the great love.
    EliteSingles prices

    Watch out for special offers!
    Often, a 17% discount on the classic Premium rate is granted directly after registration. One week after registration, you can even save 25%. So don't hesitate to jump at the chance!

    EliteSingles Alternatives

    We think EliteSingles is a good dating site. EliteSingles members see it the same way.

    Experiences Pro EliteSingles 

    • EliteSingles offers by far the most sophisticated and detailed personality test.
    • The personality test is so intelligent that the system's contact suggestions match up very well.
    • Female singles in particular find EliteSingles very good and regularly give the site high ratings.
    • The

      In our test, EliteSingles scored well. The site is serious and easy to use. The long personality test is certainly good, but too tiring for some singles.

      EliteSingles Facts and figures 2024
      Active members700,000
      Male to female ratio48 : 52
      Average age42
      Membership levelhigh
      Chances for successgood
      Starting priceEUR 49.95
      AddressSpark Network Services GmbH, Kohlfurter Straße 41/43, D-10999 Berlin

      EliteSingles is a quite classic dating site. Meanwhile, there are dating platforms on the market that are much more modern. Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to look at several providers, including EliteSingles Australia!

      FAQ EliteSingles

      You may still have an unanswered question about EliteSingles.

      Here are our questions and answers on EliteSingles.com.au:

      Is it possible to make international contacts with EliteSingles?

      EliteSingles operates in 24 countries. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, EliteSingles works under the name "eDarling". In France, it is known as "EliteRencontre". 

      How does the EliteSingles contact guarantee work?

      If you have not received the guaranteed contacts during the term of your Premium subscription, EliteSingles will extend your Premium subscription free of charge.

      How can I pay for EliteSingles?

      EliteSingles accepts the usual payment methods such as direct debit, PayPal and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

      Can a EliteSingles subscription be revoked?

      Yes, no problem. You can revoke your subscription up to 14 days after it has been signed without having to give any reason. All you must do is send a short message with the EliteSingles contact form.

      Can I cancel my EliteSingles subscription at any time?

      You may cancel your EliteSingles subscription at any time, subject to the notice period.

      How can I cancel my EliteSingles subscription?

      Go to "My account" > "Membership" and select the "Cancel" link. Indicate your reason for cancelling and click "Continue". Then enter your password and click on "Confirm". You will then receive a confirmation e-mail.

    Petra Frömsdorf
    Petra Frömsdorf
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