Who are we?

A company by the name of FinestMinds, from Germany, stands behind the ADRL. Here are a few facts about the concept:

  • FinestMinds investigates online dating markets and sites worldwide.
  • In more than 20 countries.
  • For over 15 years.

When we have investigated sufficiently, we publish studies about online-dating and construct comparison portals for singles, so that they can find the best online dating sites in their country. That’s how millions of people have found their dating portal, and while reading our portal, a great deal of them have learnt how online dating sites work. Hopefully.

Responsible for the ADRL is:

Petra Frömsdorf

Petra Frömsdorf

Petra has been monitoring the Australian world of online dating sites since 2011. In the media it is considered the leading expert on the topic of "online dating".
Petra has been monitoring the Australian world of online dating sites since 2011. In the media it is considered the leading expert on the topic of "online dating".

Why do we do it?

It all began in 2003, when our founder Petra, at home with his IT-friends, tried to find a partner on the internet. They are thinking: "IT and finding a girlfriend" “ doesn’t really go well together. Incorrect thought! Today he is happily married;-).

Well, anyway, it annoyed them that there was no list of good online dating sites in Germany. And that on all dating sites the leading statement was:

Petra Frömsdorf
Expert since 2011
1 million members. Almost all women. Completely free of charge.

Feeling rather infuriated, he began his research and thousands of random tests:

  • How many profiles of women from Cologne listed by dating site X are genuine?
  • How much does this dating site really cost?
  • Does the dating site function in a fair way? Or with fakes?

He published the results on the first Comparison Institute in Germany. It included a categorisation of the different types of portals and hundreds of advisory articles, on how to maximise your success in the search for a partner.

This became a real business that Henning transferred to other countries. The portals, at that time, were increasingly confusing, resulting in readers complaints because they found them as clear as mud.

And that’s why we created this quite simple portal. Scaled-down to the few really good dating sites in your country. As a result, 80% of singles managed just fine.

Everyone else, for example, homosexuals, Christians, the disabled or single parents had to browse on the homepage: All reviews about Australian dating sites!

Can you make a living from it?

The short answer: Yes. Obviously, not from this portal alone, but because we have many such Institutes in a great deal of countries.

The online dating sites pay us a commission every time we provide them with new customers. It’s almost like a travel agency that sells trips.

Can you trust us then? Of course, because after all these years the online dating sites have been paying us this very same commission. To us, it is, therefore, entirely immaterial who occupies the number 1 position!

Enough about us, now it’s your turn!

Here you have the recommended online dating sites in your country. You can try out all of them free of charge. What are you waiting for?