What is SilverSingles?

Having initially launched as Primesingles.net in 2002 and later rebranding as Single Seniors Meet in 2009, the service eventually adopted its present name, SilverSingles, in 2011. Throughout its extensive history, SilverSingles has had ample opportunity to expand its user community and refine its matchmaking algorithms.

Considering its longevity, one might wonder if SilverSingles has managed to perfect its features and keep pace with newer entrants in the matchmaking realm. Has it successfully evolved and adapted to meet the evolving demands of its users, or has it been overshadowed by more recent competitors in the industry? Meanwhile, we have come across other mature dating sites that have impressed us more with their offerings and features.

The success of SilverSingles in figures

Here are some figures about SilverSingles:

  • 46% of SilverSingles members have dates.
  • 21% fall in love.

SilverSingles has successfully established itself in many countries. However, most singles from Australia are looking for and finding themselves on this online dating site:

Singles50 SilverSingles review


The exclusive dating site for singles in their prime.


from Australia
18-25 years
25-50 years
Over 50 years


Life partner


Flirt & Date


Intimate encounters

The SilverSingles principle

SilverSingles.com.au revolves around its advanced matchmaking system. Each new user undergoes a personality assessment created by esteemed scientists. Collaborations between renowned institutions like Berlin's Humboldt University and the University of Groningen in the Netherlands have produced what is arguably the most comprehensive test available on any dating platform.

This scientifically grounded test typically takes approximately 20 to 45 minutes to complete, allowing individuals to answer a comprehensive catalogue of over 100 questions. The responses gathered from the test are utilized to construct a detailed personality profile, which serves as the foundation for suggesting compatible partners.

The personality test evaluates the "Big 5," which are the five primary factors in couple psychology:

  • Consciousness (focused or adaptable)
  • Openness (innovative or practical)
  • Extraversion (extroverts or introverts)
  • Tolerance (empathetic or distant)
  • Neuroticism (sensitive or posed)

Pro tip: Even as a Basic member, you gain access to an overview of your personality structure as determined by the assessment. As a Premium member, you can even download a PDF document elaborating on your results. The test outcomes not only provide insights into your personality for your partner search but can also be valuable in other aspects of life. 

Is SilverSingles serious? Fake profiles or real singles?

At SilverSingles, each new registration undergoes a thorough manual verification process. Scammers and profiles that do not meet our standards are promptly identified and removed. We take pride in ensuring that SilverSingles remains a reliable and trustworthy platform for our users. 

Our tip:However, it's important to acknowledge that mistakes can happen even during manual checks, as we are all human. If you come across a profile that appears suspicious or raises concerns, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly SilverSingles customer service and report it. Your vigilance and assistance are greatly appreciated, as they contribute to maintaining the integrity of our community! 

A good dating site for the 50+ generation looking for a serious partnership.

How SilverSingles works

Registration with SilverSingles

Registering with SilverSingles.com.au is a straightforward process. Simply provide your email address and create a password, and you'll be ready to proceed to the personality test without any hassle.

SilverSingles personality test

This scientifically developed personality test is one of the most thorough and time-consuming tests among dating sites. It takes approximately 25 to 45 minutes to complete and consists of over 100 questions that explore your character traits and hobbies. The questions are focused on getting to know you better. By providing your thoughtful responses, you contribute to building a comprehensive and relevant personality profile. This profile helps us understand who you are as a person and assists us in suggesting compatible partners who share similar values and interests.

Here are some of the questions you will be asked during the quiz:

  • If your partner shows up 15 minutes late to your date without telling you, how do you respond?
  • I consider myself to be optimistic. 7 answer options from “doesn’t apply at all” to “completely applicable".
  • When you like someone, how likely are you to initiate the first kiss?
  • How satisfied are you with your appearance?
  • If you have an argument with your partner, how important is it to reconcile quickly?
  • Which picture do you most associate with?
SilverSingles personality test
  • Which activity are you most likely to choose for a first date?
SilverSingles personality test 2

Our advice: You should take your time to take the SilverSingles personality test. The more precise your answers, the better the partner proposals generated by the system and the greater your chances of success. 

The test result

Congratulations on completing the SilverSingles personality test! Now, you can eagerly anticipate the evaluation of your results, which holds significant value for many SilverSingles members. It provides valuable insights into various aspects of yourself, including:

  • Your expectations, desires, and visions for a potential partner
  • A deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying your personal preferences and deal-breakers
  • Recognizing and breaking free from past behavioural patterns that you wish to avoid in future relationships

Even as a basic member, you can preview your personality profile, gaining initial insights into yourself. As a premium member, you can take it a step further by downloading your comprehensive personality profile in PDF format. This resource empowers you to delve deeper into self-discovery and use this knowledge to enhance your dating journey. 

SilverSingles matching - The formula for love

The SilverSingles matching algorithm utilises the results of your personality test and the basic information you provided to determine potential compatible matches from their extensive database. Through a meticulous filtering process, they identify those individuals who have the potential for a fulfilling and happy relationship with you.

Upon your initial registration, you will receive 5 to 7 carefully selected contact proposals. SilverSingles believe in quality over quantity, which is why SilverSingles may offer fewer contact proposals compared to other dating sites. However, this approach ensures that the connections you make are more meaningful and impactful.

SilverSingles matches

In other words, you won't need to encounter as many incompatible matches to find your ideal partner. The rigorous filtering process allows for more intense and promising connections. With SilverSingles, you can focus on quality interactions, reducing the need to navigate through numerous unsuitable matches to find your Prince Charming or ideal partner.

Advantages & disadvantages

  • Serious matchmaking for the 50+ generation
  • Extensive psychological test
  • Regular new contact suggestions
  • Anyone looking for a younger partner will be disappointed

Who is SilverSingles suitable for?

SilverSingles is a reputable and serious dating site in Australia. However, it's important to note that this provider may not be suitable for everyone. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have compiled useful member information. By reviewing this information, you can determine if the SilverSingles community aligns with your preferences and expectations.

What are SilverSingles members looking for?

SilverSingles.com.au is specifically designed for individuals who are genuinely committed to finding a life partner. Those who are merely seeking casual flirtation are not required to pay the entry fee or undergo the extensive personality test.

As a result, the singles you encounter on SilverSingles are pre-screened to a certain extent, with very few individuals harbouring questionable intentions. However, it's worth noting that some men may still misuse the platform as a means for casual flirtation. They may pretend to seek true love when, in reality, they are only interested in a brief encounter.

Our advice to men is to be honest with their intentions and seek flirtations on platforms specifically designed for that purpose. It is essential to avoid hurting someone's feelings or leading them on. When both parties are clear and seeking the same kind of connection, it creates a more ideal and fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

Good for your purpose? Good for your age group?
Life partner
Flirt & Date
Intimate encounters
18-25 years
25-50 years
Over 50 years

Age structure of the members

Similar to other Australian dating sites, there is a slight surplus of women on SilverSingles. This surplus becomes more pronounced as individuals age.

The average age of SilverSingles members is 57. It's important to note that all singles over the age of 18 are welcome to join SilverSingles. Compared to other 50+ singles sites, there is no minimum entry age here.

Level of education of the members

Compared to most other dating sites, the level of education of SilverSingles members is higher. 

SilverSingles Experiences & Rating

Sufficient members? 3-5
Profile quality: 3-5
Arrange real dates: 2-5
Customer support:

SilverSingles in Practice

Let's assume that you have already registered with SilverSingles. Your profile could look like this:

inside SilverSingles reviewSilverSingles

Your SilverSingles profil

Singles who are interested in you can access the following information from your profile:

  • Your photo
  • Your personality based on the personality quiz
  • Important information about you (age, profession, religion, height, desire for children ...)
  • Dating: In a relationship I am looking for: ...
  • Hobbies and interests, "How I like to spend my free time...", "My sports ...", 
  • About you: How you describe yourself
  • What three things are you most thankful for?

We have observed that the profiles on the platform SilverSingles are highly detailed, and you also have the option to view the personality profiles of other members. These profiles utilize the Big 5 personality model, which includes conscientiousness, tolerance, openness, extraversion, and neuroticism (emotional control). They provide valuable insights into how a person operates. Feel free to browse through the personality profiles of other SilverSingles members at your convenience to discover individuals whom you perceive as trustworthy and likable.

SilverSingles match

Our practical tip: SilverSingles provides you with a greater number of free text fields compared to other dating platforms. This offers you the opportunity to showcase your creativity and capture the attention of other members with well-crafted lines. 

It's all a question of settings! In your profile settings, specifically under the "Membership" section, you will find the "Notifications" tab. By default, you will notice that you can receive email notifications for nearly every activity that occurs on your SilverSingles profile. While some people appreciate this and eagerly anticipate each email, others may find it overwhelming. That's why we suggest configuring your notification preferences from the beginning to ensure your comfort with them. 

Before getting in touch

Once you have completed the personality test, you will promptly receive a list of recommended potential partners. Unfortunately, similar to certain other dating agencies, you do not have the option to conduct your own search.

To ensure that you receive an adequate number of contact proposals, it is important not to overly narrow down your filter criteria. In practical terms, this means that if you are seeking someone in your immediate vicinity, consider selecting a slightly broader radius. This way, members from out-of-town have a better chance of being matched with you. 

Our practical tip: Step out of your comfort zone! As we grow older, our willingness to compromise often decreases significantly. We develop very specific notions of what we want and, more importantly, what we don't want. Relax your filtering criteria a bit and see what unfolds. Often, it's the small differences that add spice to the common ground, so give it a try and see what happens. 

SilverSingles search criteria

How to get in touch

Send a smile

For numerous members, it serves as the initial step in establishing a connection. While not particularly imaginative, it can still create a delicate initial bond. Basic members of SilverSingles are limited to sending just one free smile.

Send a photo request

Very popular with members of dating sites. Used to break the ice.

Writing messages

Unfortunately, only SilverSingles Premium members can send messages.

The "Have you met?” function

This feature enables you to express your appreciation for photos and provide comments on features or hobbies. SilverSingles members receive up to 20 additional random contacts daily. Similar to Tinder, they can use a smiley face to indicate their liking for profiles or make them disappear with an 'x' gesture.

SilverSingles have you met?

The SilverSingles app for mobile flirting on the move

SilverSingles provides its members with a free application that can be downloaded from the respective stores for iPhone and Android devices. This ensures that you remain independent and stay updated on all activities happening on your dating profile, even when you're on the go. 

On your smartphone you can

  • receive, read and reply to messages
  • consult partner proposals and profiles
  • manage your profile and upload photos
  • like interesting profiles
  • see who has viewed your profile
  • modify search criteria
  • receive push messages informing you of a message or a "like"
  • Our tip:
    Register and take the personality test on your computer at your own pace. The success of finding a partner largely depends on this test. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you refrain from downloading the application onto your smartphone until after completing the test. 

    Special features of SilverSingles

    The following features attracted the attention of our editorial team:

    SilverSingles Magazine

    In the magazine you will find many interesting articles on the following topics:

  • Dating
  • Online Dating
  • Local Dating
  • Living
  • Relationships
  • Wellbeing
  • Success stories
  • Online Dating Safety

    SilverSingles prioritizes safety in online dating. They manually verify profiles and provide tips to identify fraudulent accounts. Users are advised to question unrealistic information, protect personal information, be cautious of financial requests, take their time, plan safe meetings, and report suspicious profiles. SilverSingles encourages users to share any concerns about false information or fraudulent behaviour. Overall, they aim to create a secure environment for finding a compatible partner.

      Great customer care

      Many thanks to the helpful staff who provided us with swift and effective support.

      SilverSingles experiences

      SilverSingles is widely regarded as a commendable dating site, as affirmed by its satisfied members.   

      Experiences Pro SilverSingles 

      • SilverSingles offers an exceptionally sophisticated and comprehensive personality test that surpasses other dating sites.
      • The carefully developed psychological nature of the personality test results in highly compatible contact suggestions.
      • Female singles, in particular, express high satisfaction with SilverSingles and consistently provide positive ratings.
      • The "Have you met?" section is seen as a great addition to the site, enhancing the overall user experience.

      Experiences Con SilverSingles

      While SilverSingles receives significant praise, there are a few factors that can potentially work against its favours:

      • The SilverSingles personality test, while highly effective, demands considerable patience. Some singles find it time-consuming and become frustrated, leading them to abandon the process.
      • The emergence of more modern dating sites poses competition to SilverSingles. 

      What’s Free at SilverSingles?

      • Create a profile
      • Personality test
      • Search on your own
      • Receive suggestions
      • View photos
      • Send a “hello”
      • Send mails (limited)
      • Read mails (limited)

      SilverSingles Costs & Prices 2024

      The following prices are available at SilverSingles:

      DurationCost per monthIn total
      3 months
      6 months
      12 months
      SilverSingles prices

      Special offers:
      Take advantage of exclusive discounts when signing up for SilverSingles. Enjoy a 17% discount on the classic Premium rate immediately after registration. Additionally, one week after registering, you can save even more with a 25% discount. Don't miss out on this opportunity and seize the chance to join SilverSingles today.

      SilverSingles Alternatives

      SilverSingles Test Result

      SilverSingles received positive ratings in our test. The platform is highly regarded for its commitment to seriousness and user-friendly interface. While the in-depth personality test is beneficial, it may be considered too demanding for some singles due to its length.

      SilverSingles Facts and figures 2024
      Active members375,000
      Male to female ratio45 : 55
      Average age57
      Membership levelhigh
      Chances for successgood
      Intentionlife partner search
      Starting priceAUD 49.95
      AddressSpark Network Services GmbH, Kohlfurter Straße 41/43, D-10999 Berlin

      SilverSingles is a reputable dating site with a classic approach. Although there are more modern dating platforms available in the market, it's still worth exploring various providers, including SilverSingles Australia!

      FAQ SilverSingles

      You may still have an unanswered question about SilverSingles.

      Here are our questions and answers on SilverSingles.com.au:

      Is it possible to make international contacts with SilverSingles?

      SilverSingles operates in 24 countries. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, SilverSingles operates under the name "SilberSingles".

      How can I pay for SilverSingles?

      SilverSingles accepts the usual payment methods such as direct debit, PayPal and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

      How does the SilverSingles contact guarantee work?

      If you have not received the guaranteed contacts during the term of your Premium subscription, SilverSingles will extend your Premium subscription free of charge.

      Can SilverSingles be revoked?

      Yes, no problem. You can revoke your contract up to 14 days after it has been signed without having to give any reason. All you have to do is send a short message by letter or contact form.

      Can I cancel SilverSingles at any time?

      You may cancel SilverSingles at any time, subject to the notice period.

      How can I cancel SilverSingles?

      Go to "My account" > "Membership" and select the "Cancel" link. Indicate your reason for cancelling and click "Continue". Then enter your password and click on "Confirm". You will then receive a confirmation e-mail.

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